Core Values

The core values of our organization are what fundamentally distinguish our firm from other competitors.

A Passion for Excellence – in serving both our clients as well as our internal resources.

A Mind for Integrity – in every business decision made on behalf of our organization.

A Presence for Accountability – in taking ownership of all business transaction involving the organization.

An Aptitude for Leadership – where true leadership begins with a “Model of Service” to those who follow; consistently characterized by a collaborative disposition.

An Acuity for Quality Execution – where every strategy and course of action is planned with precision, and executed with the highest quality.

Value Added Benefits

Gabriel Enterprises Consulting Group has both the competitive edge of experience as well as market place expertise to navigate an often complicated and evolving global market.

GEC stands on its promise to ever customer to ensure that we consistently deliver on our “Total Customer Satisfaction” policy to meet the highest standards of quality specified within every task-order, project, report, or functional specifications. It is our commitment to every client that we provide prompt and flexible services necessary to get the job done right.


The benefit to purchasing GEC services is knowing that our commitment to our clients satisfaction is paramount, and critical to maintaining a long-term relationships with them. All services come with a 90 day “customer satisfaction & support window” with a follow-up on final products and services further giving our clients peace of mind on all contracted deliverables.