If you are a Program or Project Manager, CXO, Procurement Executive, or Contracting Officer you need your procurement process to be fast and in compliance with regulations. We specialize in using metrics, reporting, organizational development, and policy to help make the procurement process faster and easier to navigate; and we provide direct pre- and post-award acquisition support.

Our Services

Our Acquisition Management Team is comprised of highly qualified members of the acquisition community with experience helping government and commercial clients address the following challenges:

  • Providing customers and stakeholders with procurement status visibility.
  • Using automation, data, and/or policy to help contracting officers engage earlier in the procurement process and award contracts faster.
  • Using reporting and analysis to manage contracting officer and contracting officer representative workload.
  • Monitoring procurement cycle times (we go way beyond PALT) .
  • Understanding and monitoring spend for cost savings, organizational redesign, small business goal achievement, strategic sourcing, and category management.
  • Analyzing and improving the quality of FPDS-NG and procurement system data
  • Interpreting the FAR and DFARS.
  • Reducing protest risk through development of compliant solicitation and source selection packages.
  • Training program office personnel, contract specialists, and technical evaluators.
  • Improving assisted acquisition service delivery.
  • Developing and maintaining acquisition policy.
  • Restructuring contracts and acquisition cultures for Agile and Digital Services Acquisition.
  • Reducing contract closeout and de-obligation backlogs.
  • Managing vendor performance and relationships, and increasing CPARS entry rates.

Our Solutions

Rapidly Deployed Acquisition Process Metrics Reporting Solution
Our solution addresses the shortcomings of enterprise-wide financial and procurement systems by providing you with relevant data to make decisions on spend, procurement status, workload, and cycle times. We deploy the initial iterations of our easy-to-use reporting platform in as few as 60 days, saving you money, and enabling us to shift our efforts to continually improving your processes and performance.

Vendor Management Platform
The vast majority of the government’s IT infrastructure is developed by contractors. CIO’s of today require shorter procurement cycles and a better way to manage vendor performance and relationships. Unfortunately, most procurement organizations do not have the capacity or structure to award contracts at the frequency and pace required by Agile; nor do they have the ability to oversee and effectively integrate multiple work streams from several different vendors.

Our Vendor Management Platform helps agencies shorten procurement lead times by using real-time “past performance” scorecards to support contract awards, instead of elaborate proposals and burdensome technical evaluation schemes. The platform uses Amazon®/yelp®-like features to make documenting performance easy, and it incorporates vendor input to create a continuous improvement feedback cycle, increase CPARS entry rates, and support highly informed, legal contract decisions. Easy-to-use performance reports help CIOs and program managers monitor and integrate multiple portfolios and vendor work streams to improve government and vendor performance outcomes.