(QA) Approach for Each Project

Quality Assurance Process

Gabriel Enterprises Consulting Groups quality assurance process a responsibility and obligation to delivery total quality to NAVSEA. GEC’s Program Manager (PM) will constantly review and evaluate contract our performance our technical approach, our ability to delivery services and support in a timely manager, and our strategy for continuous process improvements on a daily and ongoing basis for each project engagement.

Our PM will track costs, milestone deliverables, labor hours and analyze them against required measures of project performance and reporting. In order for our customers to capitalize on the performance and delivery of our services our PM and quality team will deliver a pool of talented individuals to every Task Orders. The goal of our PM will closely audit and advise on deliverable items to ensure the GEC delivers on time and on budget using the customers desired format and with accurate data. The PM will then convene with program activity executives and senior leadership to verify all GEC staff personnel are performing according the task order/project requirements. We apply lessons learned and embrace the CMMI Quality Assurance Model to address Continuous Process Improvement approach on every project and task order.